Bringing the Lifestyle of Jerk to your home
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    Market List Menu
    Build your own menu by selecting items from our market list that appeal to your personal tastes and guest preferences. Indoor/Outdoor Appetizers (p/p) Jamaican Ackee Boat $4.49 Ackee & Saltfish on Bammy $4.79 Salt Fish Fritters $3.79 Spicy Crab Cakes $5.69 Jamaican Lobster patties $4.49 Jamaican Shrimp patties $4.49 Jamaican Chicken Patties $2.95 Jamaican Beef Patties $2.95 Soups p/p Caribbean Chicken Soup $3.49 Jamaican Pepper-pot Soup $4.49 Pumpkin Beef Soup $3.29 Cream of Pumpkin Soup $3.29 Red Pea Soup $4.29 Gungo Pea Soup $4.29 Fish Soup $4.29 Salads $4.25 p/p Cabbage, Carrot and Raisins Mixed Greens Cucumber, Tomato, Avocado 3 Yam Salad Vegetable Stir Fry Main Jerk Pork $6.79 p/p Jerk Chicken $5.39 p/p Jerk Lamb Rack $14.29 p/p Jerk Lobster $31.29 p/p Jerk Salmon in foil $11.29 p/p Jerk Snapper in foil $14.25 p/p Choice of 2 Specialty Sauces included with Main Dish Additional Sauce $1.25 p/p Guava Tamarind Sweet n’ Sour Rosemary and Thyme Pineapple Bar-B-Q Ginger-lime sauce Sides- $3.49 p/p Rice and Peas Gungo Peas and Rice Fried Bammy Steam Bammy Roast Breadfruit Fried Breadfruit Fried Festival Boiled Dumplings Boiled Yam Boiled Green Bananas Fried Sweet/ripe Plantains Fried Green plantains Hard-Dough Bread Desserts- $5.29 p/p Sweet Potato pudding Coconut Cake Fruit Cake with Rum sauce Mango Cheesecake Rum cake balls Signature Fresh Juices $12.99 per liter Cucumber n' Ginger Sorrel Lemonade
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    Kids Menu
    Not too hot hot hot... introduce younger ones to the tastes of Jamaica. Mild flavors and hints of spice will have the kids excited to take another bite...Indoor/Outdoor Kids Menu $49.99 per child (ages 4-12) Choose 1 Appetizer Ackee and Saltfish Boat Chicken Mini Patties Beef Mini Patties Choose 2 Main Jerk Chicken Breast Jerk Chicken Drumsticks Jerky Turkey Meatballs Choose 3 Sides Festival Breadfruit chips Macaroni pie Spaghetti Choose 1 Desserts Coconut Cake with Vanilla frosting Pineapple upside-down cake Tropical Fruit Salad Choose 1 Fresh Juices Lemonade Sorrel
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    Learn to Jerk
    Sometimes you just wanna do it yourself. We understand and have a 4- hour class that can take you from zero to Jerk Hero. Indoor/Outdoor. Learn to Jerk Menu $249 per person Classes are 4 hours. Includes ingredients & a 30-minute Virtual Session which takes place prior to onsite lesson. Choose 2 Main Jerk Chicken Jerk Pork Jerk Lamb Jerk Seafood Combo Choose 2 Sides Rice and Peas Coconut Rice Steamed Bammy Fried Bammy Festival Choose 1 Red Stripe Beer Lemonade Sorrel